Rise of the Runelords

Morning Meditation

Hyacinth prepares her spells

Waves echo in this small cavern
Carved by man. Light reflects
Across the stone,
Dancing in bolts of red-gold lightning. A storm of wrath and greed
And darkness between and below, shadowing
The forms beneath save for the briefest of glimpses.

Five remain,
Seven points,
One star.







The bunyip swims. The crab draws fishes
Darting beneath the waves.
North and west a boat skims the waves beneath the tower.
All this I see in the ebb and surge,
Surge and ebb.

The crab made fewer mistakes
Than I have,
But then,
I have lived far longer.
I should not have told the dwarf;
He brays all.
He stood pantsless?
Paranoia and insecurity.
Nearly three millenia.

Can I trust
Them or is it
Another mistake?

The import of this venture demands I persist.
History lives here
These three are important, but cannot survive
Without me.

My help.



It may not be enough to study and observe,
As it was not when the Tyrant stirred.
I cannot withdraw.
Have I been afraid since the herald’s fall?

Memory returns,
An eagle soaring.
Will the crab become my kin?


Light and
Flames banish shadows.
The three are not yet ready to perish
to be reborn.
The blade must remain whole.

Five remain.
We will require healing.
We will need to grow stronger.


Lovin’ it. Meditation time is a great contrivance for when logs happen, being a daily thing. Well done!

Morning Meditation

Thank you. I’m also enjoying doing streams of consciousnesses for a character who basically thinks in poetry.

Morning Meditation
MysticGundam 10th_King

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