Rise of the Runelords

Wil's Journal: Entry 3

A Hero's Rest

Today was confusing. Last night, everyone went out without me, and got very drunk. Now everyone else seems to have gotten in to trouble, but they did it without me. Only now Greel and the others seem cross with me for not helping or being a part of it? Something. Only Muireadhach isn’t angry, as usual. He seems just pleased as could be with me – gave me advice on how to talk to Mr. Vinder after he came ‘round being cross at me for seeing Shayliss again. He had given me a punch right on the jaw, too! Only he must be a lot older than he looks, because I barely felt it! I better not let him know, though – better let him think he taught me a lesson. Always better to let a man speak his peace like that, even if part of the speakin’ is with his fists – especially if it doesn’t hurt anyone. So anyway, I went around later and told him that he may not like it, but Shayliss likes me and I like her and we can make our own choices and he has to accept that, but to have a good day. I think that’s good thinking. Muireadhach’s got the right idea – Shayliss seemed worried, though. I think she just doesn’t want to upset her father, and thinks he won’t calm down. But he needs to see I can stand up and take care of her.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important part – Shayliss is staying with me now. I think that’s really nice, because she’s very pretty and very nice to me, and we get along very well. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

Morning sketch
She always looks so worried since I talked to her father. I hope she’s happy.


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