Wil Pelagia, The Adventurer

Farmer. Hero. Novice.


“The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children."
~G. K. Chesterton



At an unremarkable five feet and ten inches, give or take two, Wil is the picture of a healthy, home-grown farmer’s son. Fed on the products of his own labor, his body is well-muscled without being bulky, and his skin bears the callused hands and field-tanned arms and freckles of a young man who knows his way around a plow and axe. His shaggy, shear-cut hair is a sandy blond, the color of harvest fields, and his eyes are a vivid blue. He moves with the easy meander of country life – untaxed by the rush press of city life, but when the time comes, and there’s work to be done, that same country no-nonsense attitude takes hold – and the work gets done.

Wil has a small blue hoop earring in his right earlobe, apparently made out of ceramic of some sort. He wears a simple oakwood amulet of Erastil on a leather cord around his neck – a plain provincial’s display of his faith in Old Deadeye: provider of productive hunts, bountiful harvests, and healthy, stable families – nearly all that is important in rural life.

Wil wields slightly oversized steel sword: nearly 4 feet in length, far too large for him to use in one hand as he does without having received some special training. The sword itself is plain and worn steel, with a simple crossguard, and a leather-wrapped hilt, and he carries it in a plain leather and wood sheath high on his left side. This sheath is attached to a worn leather sword-belt, clasped with a simple brass buckle at the center of Wil’s waist. Wil’s armor seems to consist of a suit of padded or quilted cloth – like a doublet, over which he wears a suit of heavy, seemingly new leather armor. This heavy leather suit is reinforced with attached metal plates covering his knees, elbows, as well as a two larger plates bolted to the chest and back. In addition, Wil wears metal spaulders, vambraces, gauntlets, and greaves over this suit – all attachedy leather straps and metal buckles to the suit itself. His boots are heavy leather boots, scuffed and worn from years of wear, and capped at the heel and toe with small metal plates. Over his back he carries a common leather traveling pack, as well as a quiver and simple shortbow.

Without his armor, Wil dons a green homespun tunic with simple geometric patterns at the borders than hangs just below mid-thigh, belted at the waist with his usual sword-belt (apparently the only belt he owns). Beneath this, he wears a long light-colored cotton shirt, with simple leather bracers inlaid with similar patterns as the tunic (the bracers seem decorative, rather than functional). Below his tunic, he wears a pair of light colored leather riding pants, tucked into his old boots.


Party Dynamics

“You know, I remember the Graston family – they used to come around and trade leeks and wheat for our apples – their eldest was about two years older’n me. And I remember one year they caught him beating a cat with a club, said the Gods told him to. The family tried to keep busy to help him, give him more work, but he only got worse – ran away to Wartle. I heard he got hanged last year for burning down a house with a family inside.”

Approval Rating:
-2 (Mhmm.)

Party Ratings:
Wil trusts Hyacinth the least in combat.
Wil trusts Hyacinth the least in finances.
Wil trusts Hyacinth the second-most with lore.
Wil trusts Hyacinth the most with religion.
Wil trusts Hyacinth the second-most with bushcraft.
Wil trusts Hyacinth the least with diplomacy.
Wil trusts Hyacinth the least with morality.

Greel avatar
“I would’ve thought Greel the same as any hag – selling evil eye and curses for his own benefit. I’m not so sure any more. He’s not a bad man, I don’t reckon – just only out for himself, using that magic to make a coin and take the easy way, instead of a hard day’s work. But now he’s like that spoiled noble we met – and he gets cross when things don’t go his way. But I think more than anything, he gets cross when he ends up all alone. Because having things go your way without ever working hard makes people awful cross at you. But Greel didn’t choose to have his powers, I guess. So if he needs friends, maybe that’s what he has to work hard at.”

Approval Rating:
+1 (I reckon he’s trying.)

Party Ratings:
Wil trusts Greel the second-most in combat.
Wil trusts Greel the second-most in finances.
Wil trusts Greel the most with lore.
Wil trusts Greel the least with religion.
Wil trusts Greel the least with bushcraft.
Wil trusts Greel the most with diplomacy.
Wil trusts Greel the second-most with morality.

Runelords head
“Muireadhach has helped me so much since I came to Sandpoint: taught me about so many things, helped me in our adventures, looked out for me, stood by my side like a true friend should. He may smell like a midden, look like the bad end of a sheep, and lack some of the others’ subtle ways, but he’s helped me become everything I wanted to, and Uncle Daw, Hunter Guide Him, would be proud I travel with a man like him. And I think perhaps he needed someone like me – someone he can teach things to, so’s he’s not so lonely. I think that’s nice, how things work out that way.”

Approval Rating:
+4 (Of course. He’s my friend.)

Party Ratings:
Wil trusts Muireadhach the most in combat.
Wil trusts Muireadhach the most in finances.
Wil trusts Muireadhach the least with lore.
Wil trusts Muireadhach the most with bushcraft.
Wil trusts Muireadhach the second-most with diplomacy.
Wil trusts Muireadhach the most with morality.


  1. Once In A Lifetime – Dragonforce
  2. Won’t Back Down – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  3. Love of the Mountains – Larry Sparks
  4. Lonesome Road Blues – ‘Crying’ Sam Collins
  5. Blue Moon of Kentucky – Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys
  6. I Have Found The Way – The Clampitt Family
  7. Country Trash – Johnny Cash
  8. Country Roads – Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out
  9. Go The Distance – Disney
  10. (Let Your Light) Shine On Me – Blind Willie Johnson
  11. Apple Tree – Peter and The Wolf
  12. Ghost Love Score (The Epic Looping Cut) – Nightwish
  13. Hero – Enrique Iglesias
  14. Holding On For A Hero – Ella Mae Bowen
  15. We Don’t Eat – James Vincent McMorrow

Wil Pelagia, The Adventurer

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