Muireadhach's Tool Box

Schemes 'n Such


This is a list of schemes, tools, tricks, and completely legitimate business ventures Muireadhach has employed thus far. Most of his items he keeps in his pack, and some he leaves back at base—but Muireadhach is nothing if not resourceful in his creative allocation of means.

The Sandpoint Retainers 4704

After the adventurers’ victory at Thistletop, Muireadhach was insistent on celebration. He shared the secret Freemountain Stout, took the gang clubbing, proposed a dramatic staging of their triumph, and more. But, above all, he was persistent in his suggestion that the entire party get matching tattoos. This is the design he proposed.

Holy Water and Acid

Since the adventurers’ first encounter with the undead, Muireadhach has made a point to keep an emergency stock of Holy Water on hand. The acid . . . well, its not so clear why he keeps the acid on hand. He doesn’t always let the party know when he’s stocked, but he doesn’t seem to mind Wil rifling through his pack to search for the cache.

Bear Trap

The community should be more aware of the bear menace. And Muireadhach is spear-heading the campaign, much to Hyacinth’s chagrin.

Totally Legit Signage


After being placed on retainer by Sheriff Hemlock, Muireadhach decided to get the word out about the adventurers. No harm in spreading the good word, especially when there’s reputation to build and tips to collect! He posted these signs on the door of the Rusty Dragon.

Muireadhach's Tool Box

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