Ancient Specialization

Those that have delved into the secrets of the ancient Thassilon know that the wizards of that fallen empire practiced magic in a manner different than mages of the present. To them, schools of magic were opposed by two specific other schools and that by focusing on one school to the absolute exclusion of the other two the Wizard could draw on greater reserves to power spells.

A Wizard who has studied these ancient teachings can choose these Ancient Specializations rather than the specializations normally available to them.


A wizard with one of these specializations gains TWO additional spell slots of each spell level they can cast. These spell slots must be used to prepare a spell from the Wizards specialization school. Both spell slots must contain the same spell, essentially allowing the Wizard to cast the spell twice.


The Wizard does not have a choice of opposition schools, these schools are predetermined based on the specialization school (see table below). Additionally, the Wizard is forbidden from casting spells of the opposed schools and treats spells from these schools as no longer part of the their spell list.

Specialization School Opposed Schools
Abjuration Evocation, Necromancy
Necromancy Abjuration, Enchantment
Transmutaion Enchantment, Illusion
Enchantment Necromancy, Transmutaion
Illusion Transmutation, Conjuration
Conjuration Evocation, Illusion
Evocation Abjuration, Conjuration

Note: A Wizard who chooses one of these specializations retains all of the special abilities for the appropriate spell school given in the Core Rulebook and may also choose an appropriate focus school from the Advanced Player’s Guide. A Wizard with an Ancient Specialization does not gain the bonus spell normally granted by specializing and instead receives only bonus spell slots from the Ancient Specialization for a TOTAL of two bonus spells per spell level.

Ancient Specialization

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