Character Creation

Information on the land of Varisia, where the campaign takes place, as well as a list of Campaign Traits specific to Rise of the Runelords can be found as a free download on the Paizo website here.

When building your character keep in mind the following criteria:

  • For this campaign we will be using a point buy system for stats and we will use the high Fantasy (20) point pool
  • Each Character may have three character traits. No two traits can be from the same list and one must be from the campaign traits listed in the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition: Players Guide
    • Any wizard character that chooses the Scholar of the Ancients trait may also choose to take an Ancient Specialization in place of the normal spell school specializations.
    • When creating a new character after the start of the campaign players may choose any three traits from any list as long as each trait is still taken from a different category.
  • Players are limited to the core races
  • All classes are available with the exception of Ninja, Samurai and Anti-Paladin alternate classes
  • New Characters will enter play with the minimum xp needed to equal the party’s current average level.
  • New Player characters will begin with wealth appropriate for their level. Wealth can be spent on any number of items with no more than half of the total wealth being spent on a single item. Average Wealth by Level

Players should answer the following questions and send them to the GM prior to the start of play.
  • Why is my character in Sandpoint?
    • this should expand on the campaign trait selected for the character
    • For characters joining after the start of the campaign should substitute the city or location they expect to meet the party for Sandpoint
  • What is your character’s goal in life?
  • What does your character fear the most?
  • What are the most important things in your character’s life?
    • these could be people, animals, places, objects, or ideals
    • be specific
  • What is your character’s greatest Virtue?
  • What is your character’s greatest Flaw?
  • What does the character keep secret from other people?
  • What secret does your character not know about themselves?

Character Creation

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