The Civilized Races

The civilized races of Varisia and Golarion in general are characterized by two traits; a general willingness to interact with other races without open hostility, and the acceptance of the Common tongue as a method of communication. As a former Chelish colony, Varisa follows the Taldane language as Common.


Humans are the most populous race in Varisia and can be found in every major settlement in the lowlands. The populations of Korsova and Magnimar are predominatly of Chelish desent while the native Varisians make up the majority in other settlements like Riddleport and Sandpoint. Additionally there are large groups of nomadic Shoanti people in the Velashu Uplands and the Storval Plateau but their numbers are harder to count.


Elves in Varisia can primarily be found in and around the Mierani Forest along the northeastern coast. The port town of Arsmeril is the largest elvish settlement in the region. Off the northeast cost of Varisia is an island and the Mordant Spire. Belived to be a remnent of Azlant the Mordant Spire is fiercly guarded by a group of elves that have all but cut themselves off from the rest of society.


The Sky Citadel of Janderhoff in the Mindspin Mountains is the center of Dwarven presence in Varisia. When Cheliax began their efforts to colonize the area the Dwarves of Janderhoff reached out to the people of Korsova and established defensive and trading pacts.


As with other Chelish expansion efforts, the colonists comming to Varisia brought with them halfling slaves. With the collapse of Cheliax and the waning of imperial power in the region, many former slaves were able to escape to more welcoming settlements such as Magnimar, Riddleport, and Sandpoint.


Gnomes, Half-Elves, and Half-Orcs can be found in many of the major settlements where they are met with varying degrees of hospitality.

The Antogonist Races


Most of the settlements in the lowlands have had to deal with raids and other disruptions by the diminutive golblin tribes. While most of these raids have been easily rebuffed by town militias many smaller villiages and independent farms have suffered greatly at the hands of goblins.


Various breeds of Giants can be found throughout the Stroval Plateau and the numerous mountain ranges that dominate the northwest of Varisia. Though not as activily agresive as the Goblin tribes in the south but are a deadly danger to anyone who moves into their territory.


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